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Asheville Period Project

Dignity. Access. Period.

The Asheville Period Project provides free feminine hygiene items to
any woman in need. We serve sex workers, women housed into poverty,
homeless women, domestic abuse survivors and anyone in between. The
“Period Packs” that we distribute to homeless women have everything
they need to manage their period that month. The packs contain
tampons, pads, feminine wipes, disposable bags, condoms and a
health/safety info sheet.
Feminine hygiene items are expensive and not available for purchase
through SNAP (food stamp) funds. Women are often caught shoplifting
these items. We provide feminine hygiene items for free and hope to
alleviate negative stigma surrounding menstruation by empowering
women and giving them access to hygiene items and support.
Thank you so much for your interest in the Asheville Period Project.
Our thanks to you for supporting the Asheville Period Project isn’t as
important as the gratitude of the many women who have received the
feminine hygiene products that are distributed for free.
The Asheville Period Project is a 100% volunteer powered organization.






Loving Food













Loving Food Resources (LFR) is a food pantry that provides food, health, and personal care

items to people in 18 counties of WNC who are living with HIV/AIDS or who are in home

hospice care with any diagnosis.

Loving Food Resources commits itself to a future with a greater positive impact

in the lives of our clients and community. Organizing a food drive for LFR can help fill

thier shelves for clients as well as spread the word about the pantry.

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